The Funniest Online Comments

I like to read peoples comments on anything because I find some to be hilarious. Therefore I wanted to start posting The Funniest Online Comments in my blog. Today so far the funniest comment I have read revolves around a user on Kotaku complaining that the article written on Mass Effect 3 having male on male relationships is a spoiler. Alot of people thought this was absurd and responded to the whiner in great fashion.

The funnies comment goes to Luke Plunkett : spoiler: the game is in space

I think this come back is perfect as it points out just how absurd the the complainer is being. Kotaku telling you Mass Effect 3 will have male on male action can in no way spoil the game. The fact that the game has male on male action is not even relevant to anything important in the story. xD So thank you Luke Plunkett, you get the I am entertained award for today.