Practice Makes Perfect

Well tonight I worked on my game a little. Put some rollovers on some buttons. I did not upload it on the web yet though. I am planning on practicing MVC 3. I am training and I don’t want to loose momentum. I have been using a new team lately. Dante, Zero and Chunli. Lately, I have been so tired when I get home so, I think I will take a nap for a bit and then practice later. I also just downloaded the DJ Hero 2 album it has a lot of songs I like. Well let me go take my nap. Hopefully I will wake up refreshed enough to play.

2 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Yo, dawg, I’m gonna train hard, drink my milk, and practice to lay waste to you with my troll team of Arthur, Haggar, and MODOK. Get your butt ready.

    Also, Jose sez you’re awesome and that you will be a powerful magician someday.

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