E3 2011

So far this year E3 feels very lack luster. I knew about Gears of War 3 so while it was nice to see it in the Microsoft Conference it was nothing surprising. Glad Cloud Saves are coming to the 360 but what else is there? I would have loved to see Dark Souls highlighted again but I got nada. No, I do not care about the various Halos they plan to make, no I do not care about Kinetic.

Unfortunately, I did not get to watch the Sony Conference but I heard I missed nothing much. No, I do not want another handheld with no software or remakes. So sorry not excited about PSP Vita.

I really was hoping Ubisoft would surprise me with a new Prince of Persia but fair enough that was just wishful thinking.

Nintendo’s Conference is going on right now. I really could care less but I am watching. Just maybe like last year there will be some surprises like Donkey Kong and Golden Sun. I am hoping there is something from anyone that will redeem E3 in my eyes this year because right now its uber fail.

2 thoughts on “E3 2011

  1. Meh, with Valve calling out I’m not terribly interested in this year’s E3 at all. Glad I’m not missing anything.

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