Practice Makes Perfect

Well tonight I worked on my game a little. Put some rollovers on some buttons. I did not upload it on the web yet though. I am planning on practicing MVC 3. I am training and I don’t want to loose momentum. I have been using a new team lately. Dante, Zero and Chunli. Lately, I have been so tired when I get home so, I think I will take a nap for a bit and then practice later. I also just downloaded the DJ Hero 2 album it has a lot of songs I like. Well let me go take my nap. Hopefully I will wake up refreshed enough to play.

E3 2011

So far this year E3 feels very lack luster. I knew about Gears of War 3 so while it was nice to see it in the Microsoft Conference it was nothing surprising. Glad Cloud Saves are coming to the 360 but what else is there? I would have loved to see Dark Souls highlighted again but I got nada. No, I do not care about the various Halos they plan to make, no I do not care about Kinetic.

Unfortunately, I did not get to watch the Sony Conference but I heard I missed nothing much. No, I do not want another handheld with no software or remakes. So sorry not excited about PSP Vita.

I really was hoping Ubisoft would surprise me with a new Prince of Persia but fair enough that was just wishful thinking.

Nintendo’s Conference is going on right now. I really could care less but I am watching. Just maybe like last year there will be some surprises like Donkey Kong and Golden Sun. I am hoping there is something from anyone that will redeem E3 in my eyes this year because right now its uber fail.

Powdered Donuts

Powdered donuts are very delicious but why must they be so messy : (.
Its a dilemma I go through every time I desire one. Should I eat one and become white as snow or should I skip it all together. When I finally give in I throughly enjoy my donut but struggle to keep my clothes clean. xD